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Event Date Last Name First Name Sex Event Typesort descending Location Event Details Other Notes
May 14, 1806 Ackerley Catharine Marriage Wickham John Knox
June 8, 1806 Cole Jeremiah Marriage Gagetown Amy Brown black People
June 8, 1806 Brown Amy Marriage Gagetown Jeremiah Cole black People
August 10, 1806 Burlock Thomas Marriage Gagetown Rebecca Camp
August 10, 1806 Camp Rebecca Marriage Gagetown Thomas Burlock
August 14, 1806 Belmain John Marriage Wickham Jennet Easton
August 14, 1806 Easton Jennet Marriage Wickham John Belmain
October 28, 1806 Gallishaw Stephen Marriage Gagetown Mary Hartt
October 28, 1806 Hartt Mary Marriage Gagetown Stephen Gallishaw
December 8, 1806 Meritt Israel Marriage Hemstead Isabella Watson
December 8, 1806 Watson Isabella Marriage Hemstead Israel Meritt
January 18, 1807 Watson John Jr. Marriage Hemstead Margaret Gerow
January 18, 1807 Gerow Margaret Marriage Hemstead John Watson Jr.
January 22, 1807 Hartt Jonathan Marriage Hemstead Jemima Philips
January 22, 1807 Philips Jemima Marriage Hemstead Jonathan Hartt
January 26, 1807 O' Blenus Thomas Marriage Hemstead Pheby Worden
January 26, 1807 Worden Pheby Marriage Hemstead Thomas O'Blenus
February 3, 1807 Currie Daniel Marriage Hemstead Elizabeth Scribner
February 3, 1807 Scribner Elizabeth Marriage Hemstead Daniel Currie
February 17, 1807 Young John Marriage Wickham Charlotte Coldwell
February 17, 1807 Coldwell Charlotte Marriage Wickham John Young
March 1, 1807 Robinson Winthrop Marriage Hamstead Charlotte Jerow
March 1, 1807 Jerow Charlotte Marriage Hamstead Winthrop Robinson
August 26, 1807 Musgrove Thomas Marriage Hamstead Elizabeth Slip
August 26, 1807 Slip Elizabeth Marriage Hamstead Thomas Musgrove
June 1, 1807 Appleby John Marriage Wickham Deborah Case
June 1, 1807 Case Deborah Marriage Wickham John Appleby
June 25, 1807 Blizard William Marriage Hamstead Margaret Brookhout
June 25, 1807 Brookhout Margaret Marriage Hamstead William Blizard
August 10, 1807 Lew Marriage Gagetown Isabella (Widow) Lew a black man to Isabella a black widow woman
August 10, 1807 Isabella Marriage Gagetown Lew Lew a black man to Isabella a black widow woman
December 8, 1807 Wiggens William Marriage Waterborough Mary White
December 8, 1807 White Mary Marriage Waterborough William Wiggens
January 13, 1808 Ellis Francis Marriage Gagetown Hannah Ackerley
January 13, 1808 Ackerley Hannah Marriage Gagetown Francis Ellis
January 13, 1808 McIntire Charles Marriage Gagetown Mary Wood married Charles McIntire, a black Man & Mary Wood, Malotto Girl
January 13, 1808 Wood Mary Marriage Gagetown Charles McIntire married Charles McIntire, a black Man & Mary Wood, Malotto Girl
February 25, 1808 Green Coles Marriage Wickham Elizabeth Umphries
February 25, 1808 Umphries Elizabeth Marriage Wickham Coles Green
April 14, 1808 Lewis Thomas Marriage Gagetown Esther Lilly
April 14, 1808 Lilly Esther Marriage Gagetown Thomas Lewis
April 28, 1808 Golden Robert Marriage Gagetown Elisabeth Smith
April 28, 1808 Smith Elisabeth Marriage Gagetown Robert Golden
July 19, 1808 Philips Jesse Marriage Gagetown Elizabeth Lownsbury
July 19, 1808 Lownsbury Elizabeth Marriage Gagetown Jesse Philips
August 4, 1808 Smith John Marriage Gagetown Lyddia Nevers married by Judge Peters
August 4, 1808 Nevers Lyddia Marriage Gagetown John Smith married by Judge Peters
August 17, 1808 Seacord Henry Marriage Gagetown Elisabeth Corey
August 17, 1808 Corey Elisabeth Marriage Gagetown Henry Seacord
August 25, 1808 Seacord James Marriage Wickham Phebe Pecks