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Event Date Last Name First Name Sex Event Typesort descending Location Event Details Other Notes
January 10, 1818 Babbit Phebe Marriage Gagetown Gabriel Fowler, Jr.
November 12, 1818 Griffin Phebe Marriage Wickham James E. Smith
February 18, 1819 Gidney Margaret Marriage Waterborough Richard Currie
July 18, 1819 Blizard Charity Marriage Hamstead Archabald Watson
December 23, 1819 Mosely Margaret Marriage Gagetown Peter Mooney
April 10, 1823 Douglas Margaret Marriage Hamstead Hugh Thomson witnesses: Samuel L. Peters & James Glendining
October 23, 1823 Carpenter Sarah Marriage Hamstead Robert Smith witnesses: Samuel L. Peters & Moses Jones
March 22, 1824 Roberts Sibyl Marriage Hamstead John Jackson Mays witnesses: Samuel Mayes & Samuel L. Peters
December 5, 1824 Johnson Mahala Marriage Gagetown Thomas Pritchard witnesses: Samuel Andrews & David Coy
September 4, 1825 Park Nancy Marriage Wickham James Mullin witnesses: William Day & William Rowan
December 22, 1826 Simson Jane Marriage Gagetown Michael Law witnesses: Samuel Y. Andrews & Robert Irvine
March 27, 1827 Clarke Ann Marriage Wickham Othniel Tripp witnesses: William Thorn & Benjamin J. Underhill
January 10, 1828 Bulyea Ann Marriage Wickham John Gerow witnesses: Thomas Bulyea & Isaac Merritt
March 20, 1828 Bulyea Hannah Marriage Wickham Jacob Vanwart witnesses: Robert P. Smith & Isaac Vanwart
March 19, 1829 McDonald Lydia Marriage Wickham Nehemiah Bulyea witnesses: William Thorn & David McDonald
December 21, 1829 Reid Jane Marriage Gagetown Willaim Hayden witnesses: Joseph Watson & John Simpson, widow
July 24, 1830 Robertson Margaret Marriage Wickham Charles Lewis Corry witnesses: Charles J. Peters & Sam Y. Andrews
October 7, 1831 Foster Elizabeth Marriage Wickham Benjamin Titus witnesses: John Clarke & John Foster
May 24, 1832 Cole Ann Marriage Gagetown Isaac Hopewell witnesses: T.R. Wetmore & Gabriel DeVeber
May 30, 1833 Burns Phebe Marriage Gagetown Benjamin Babbit witnesses: Isaac H. DeVeber & James Glass
November 8, 1834 Carpenter Sybell Marriage Wickham John Lintel Forrester witnesses: James Kierstead & Thomas Carpenter
March 26, 1835 Williams Caroline Marriage Gagetown John Holder witnesses: James Hendry & Gilbert Williams
October 30, 1835 Curry Elizabeth Marriage Wickham Thomas McCready witnesses: T. Robert Wetmore & W.J. Bonnell
January 17, 1837 Slip Issabella Marriage Waterborough William E. Pennington witnesses: James Price & William Foshay
October 19, 1837 Tuck Mary Ann Marriage Gagetown Nathaniel Dennis Vail witnesses: John Colling & J.H. DeVeber
April 18, 1838 Graham/ Gorham Mary Marriage Petersville William Polly witnesses: Harry Peters & George A. Mahood
January 18, 1839 Caldwell Mary Marriage Gagetown Joseph Gibson witnesses: James Madill & James Glass
October 5, 1839 LaMount Elizabeth Charlotte Marriage Hamstead William LaMount witnesses: William Stock? & Charles Stock?
December 14, 1789 Ware Ellinor Marriage Gagetown Isaac Hawkshurst
June 1, 1791 Peters William Marriage Gagetown Cherloott Haynes
June 19, 1792 Newcomb Submit Marriage Gagetown Ephraim Tisdale
January 20, 1793 Shalor Ruth Marriage Hamstead Thomas Golden
March 13, 1793 Wetmore Thomas Marriage Gagetown Sally Peters
April 24, 1794 Griffen Thomas Marriage Gagetown Jane Blizard
June 25, 1794 Golden Anna Marriage Gagetown Garret VanWart
August 7, 1794 Harper William Marriage Waterborough Abigail Easter Brooks
January 1, 1795 Slocum Daniel Marriage Gagetown Hannah Hersey
August 20, 1795 Shelton Elisha Marriage Gagetown Elizabeth Hannah Clarke married by the Reverend Samuel Andres of St. Andrews
January 31, 1796 Ellis Eleanor Marriage Gagetown Henry Gerow
March 15, 1796 Ellis Pheby Marriage Grand Lake David Parks
October 26, 1796 Baber Jonathan Marriage Gagetown Elizabeth Gilbert
February 7, 1797 Allbright Elisabeth Marriage Gagetown John Syphen
January 29, 1799 Good Abraham Marriage Hamstead Magdalana Slip
April 9, 1799 Gilbert Sarah Marriage Waterborough Platt Wood
August 12, 1799 Shaler Polly Marriage Wickham Peter Lawson
October 15, 1799 Slip Catherine Marriage Hemstead Elisha Clarke
December 11, 1799 Woodworth Rebecca Marriage Waterborough Isaac Weeks
June 5, 1802 Robinson Charles Marriage Hamstead Mary Lester
May 15, 1805 Foshay William Marriage Gagetown Margaret Hollet
February 27, 1806 Dross Richard Marriage Gagetown Elizabeth Sparks