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Event Date Last Name First Name Sex Event Typesort descending Location Event Details Other Notes
December 11, 1833 Ashley Catharine Marriage Gagetown Charles Ward witnesses: V.H. Peters & Alexander McLauchlan
January 1, 1835 Cochran Mary Marriage Wickham William T. Mullin witnesses: William Bell Little & David Fowler
August 8, 1835 Reid Jane L. Marriage Gagetown Daniel C. Thompson witnesses: Redmond O'Conner & Mary C. Weston
March 5, 1836 Fox Jane Marriage Gagetown Isaac Hardine Faulkner witnesses: Reuben Fox & David Ebbit
March 9, 1837 Currey Eunise Marriage Gagetown Charles Hobin witnesses: Richard M. Andrews & John Currey
February 1, 1838 Cole Elizabeth Marriage Wickham Michael White witnesses: R.H. Carman & John White
October 4, 1838 Hopewell Cairo Rumsey Marriage Gagetown Samuel Burt witnesses: J. Henry Bunnell & William Lewis Blacks
March 24, 1839 Easty Ann Marriage Gagetown Solomon Hersey witnesses: Thomas W. Easty & James Blizard
November 19, 1839 Hersey Deborough A. Marriage Hampstead Ebenezer Webb witnesses: William Mays & James Clarke
July 13, 1788 Chase Thankful Marriage Gagetown Tertullus Dickinson
December 25, 1788 Delew Jacob Marriage Gagetown Rody Cross
September 7, 1790 Baker Elizabeth Marriage Saint John Alexander Anderson
April 30, 1792 Gunter Conrad Marriage Gagetown Priscilla Anderson
August 1, 1792 Wood Hannah Marriage Gagetown Isaac Vinson
November 15, 1792 Coy Amy Marriage Gagetown Thomas Turney
March 7, 1793 Clarke Moses Jr. Marriage Hamstead Deborah Easterbrooks
August 15, 1793 Ebbet Elizabeth Marriage Waterborough Ruben Hoben
January 5, 1794 Cain Samuel Marriage Long Island Rebecca Carptenter
November 6, 1794 Hathaway Ebenezer Marriage Gagetown Elizabeth Tysdale Note both of Wickham
April 16, 1795 Springer William Marriage Waterborough Sarah Thurston
July 21, 1796 Smith Pheby Marriage Gagetown Alexander Reese
August 4, 1796 Carle Susannah Marriage Waterborough Vincent White
November 16, 1797 Tilley Jacob Marriage Waterborough Charlotte Nickerson
February 14, 1799 Gunter Mary Marriage Gagetown Elnathan Moral
March 8, 1799 Hardenbrook Abel Marriage Gagetown Mary Williams
September 24, 1801 Blackburn Mary Marriage Waterborough William Holderon Widow
March 11, 1802 Smith Ann Marriage Gagetown George Nickerson
October 20, 1802 Godso Elizabeth Marriage Gagetown Jesse Brooks
March 13, 1803 Scovil Samuel Marriage Gagetown Deborah Gilbert
March 20, 1804 Golding Isaac Marriage Hemstead Elizabeth Gerow
January 18, 1807 Watson John Jr. Marriage Hemstead Margaret Gerow
August 10, 1807 Lew Marriage Gagetown Isabella (Widow) Lew a black man to Isabella a black widow woman
August 4, 1808 Smith John Marriage Gagetown Lyddia Nevers married by Judge Peters
November 23, 1808 McElpine John Marriage Waterborough Sarah Gray
February 25, 1809 Merit Hannah Marriage Hemstead John Slip
September 25, 1809 Worden Sarah Marriage Wickham James Bulyea
September 26, 1810 Smith Robert Marriage Wickham Mary Eastern
February 26, 1811 Kierstead Samuel Marriage Wickham Eunice Shaler
March 28, 1811 Cromwell Asa Marriage Gagetown Charlotte Towser married by Rev. Samuel Clarke
July 2, 1811 Blizard Jane Marriage Waterborough George Ferris
March 8, 1812 Dingee Robert Marriage Gagetown Margaret Blizard
September 13, 1803 Yeomans Peter Marriage Hemstead Margaret Watson
August 13, 1812 Gaunce Isaac Marriage Gagetown Susanna Akerley
February 9, 1813 Leydekker Samuel Marriage Sarah Lunt
September 1, 1813 Denton Moses Marriage Gagetown Eleoner Brill
November 17, 1813 Balmain William Marriage Waterborough Eleonor Hartt
March 19, 1814 Newcomb Benjamin Marriage Gagetown Catharine Cottle (widow)
February 16, 1814 Howitt Eleonore Marriage Silas Garrison Widow
March 15, 1815 Elsworth John Marriage Queen's County Amy Sharp
September 14, 1815 Wheaton Seth Marriage ? Elisabeth Clarke