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Format: 2022
Event Date Last Name First Name Sex Event Typesort ascending Location Event Details Other Notes
August 9, 1822 Ward Amos Marriage Gagetown Margaret Armstrong witnesses: Robert Thomson C.M. & Samuel Purdy
January 5, 1823 Jenking Edward Marriage Waterborough Catharine Stillwell witnesses: William Milroy & David Stilwell
January 4, 1816 Briggs Permasa? Marriage Waterborough Jacob Wiggins in the presence of Joshua Calking
May 23, 1816 Ackerley Salome Marriage Gagetown Samuel Cole
January 11, 1817 Currie Nancy Marriage Waterborough John Gunter
January 8, 1818 Easton Julian Marriage Wickham William Olsmstead
November 5, 1818 Smith Mary Marriage Wickham Jeremiah Vradenburgh
February 9, 1819 Farris Mary Marriage Waterborough George Camp
June 19, 1819 Boies Sarah Hannah Marriage Burton Jacob Allan
November 3, 1819 Carpenter Rebecca Marriage Waterborough Thomas S. Carpenter
March 23, 1823 Sands Amelia Marriage Sheffield Michael McClune witnesses: Andrew Miller & Thomas Griffith
October 23, 1823 Peters Nancy Marriage Hamstead Samuel Craft witnesses: Thomas Hewlett & Samuel L. Peters
March 18, 1824 Wright Elisabeth Marriage Waterborough Samuel Holstead witnesses: Absolom Smith & John Porter
November 14, 1824 Fox Deborah Marriage Gagetown William Abbet witnesses: Thomas Brown & Henry Babbit
June 16, 1825 Pritchard Ruth Marriage Gagetown Artson Night witnesses: John Currier & J.J. Oaks
December 12, 1826 Davis Hannah Marriage Gagetown David Williams witnesses: C.P. Wetmore & William Dusten
March 22, 1827 Johnson Jane Marriage Gagetown James McGee witnesses: Garard Simson & Andrew Miller
October 5, 1827 Underhill Hannah Marriage Hamstead Caleb Meritt witnesses: Benjamin J. Underhill & Isaac Merritt
March 13, 1828 London Sarah Marriage Gagetown Nathaniel Jones witnesses: Samuel Coy & P. Ransley
February 18, 1829 Mullin Maryann Marriage Wickham Israel Ackerley witnesses: Joseph N. Clarke & Richard C. Akerley
December 3, 1829 Sawyer Matilda Marriage Gagetown Charles Clarke witnesses: Seth Thorn & William Thorn
May 27, 1830 Knox Mary Marriage Gagetown Philip H. Blizard witnesses: Alexander Thomson & Thomas Babbit
August 7, 1831 Burpy Elisabeth Marriage Burton Nelson Gorden witnesses: Willam F. Bonnell & G.R. Jarvis, widow
May 19, 1832 Brown Priscilla Marriage Hamstead William Pennery witnesses: James Brown & John Gaunce
May 13, 1833 Tilley Mary Anne Marriage Gagetown Michael Burns witnesses: Isaac H. DeVeber & D.C. Thomson
October 22, 1834 White Elisabeth Marriage Wickham George Chase witnesses: W. Bell Little & William Z. White
March 5, 1835 Merritt Mary Marriage Hamstead Leonard Slip witnesses: Robert Slip & Gilbert Merritt
October 15, 1835 Robertson Sarah Eliza Marriage Wickham Coles Carpenter witnesses: Samuel Babbit & George W. Carpenter
November 18, 1836 Hamilton Mary Marriage Hamstead Archebald McAllister witnesses: T. Roberts Wetmore & John Simson
October 2, 1837 Nickerson Amelia Marriage Hamstead Gilbert Lester Kierstead witnesses: James Polly & William Nickerson
March 27, 1838 Broad Emily Marriage Wickham Benjamin B. Vail witnesses: Silas L. Marvin & James A. Bulyea
January 15, 1839 Ackerley Susan Marriage Wickham Joseph B. Mott witnesses: Obediah Ackerley & William Hendry
August 9, 1839 Black Elisabeth Ann Marriage Johnston Francis E. Wilson witnesses: Amos Coy & Henry Ackerly
November 23, 1788 Austin Samuel Marriage Gagetown Eve Gable
January 20, 1789 Garner Clark Marriage Waterborough, Queen's Co. Ruth Sloakam
March 22, 1792 Winslow Clarissa Marriage Gagetown Joseph Hewlet
June 19, 1792 Tisdale Ephraim Marriage Gagetown Submit Newcomb
January 20, 1793 Golden Thomas Marriage Hamstead Ruth Shalor
June 27, 1793 Cypher William Marriage Gagetown Rachel Cross
December 31, 1794 Clarke Joseph Marriage Gagetown Sarah Garrison
February 5, 1795 Babbit Hannah Marriage Gagetown John Smith
August 2, 1795 Hewlet Charlotte Marriage Hamstead Thomas Leonard
June 21, 1796 Gidney Joseph Marriage Waterborough Deborah Birdsell
July 27, 1796 Camp Statira Marriage Waterborough Jacob Dyckeman
October 25, 1796 Phillips David Marriage Gagetown Hartt
February 5, 1797 Lester Mary Marriage Gagetown Robert Byles notes she is a Widow
March 6, 1797 Lummereux Joshua Marriage Grand Lake Anne Cross
August 2, 1797 Ring Sarah Marriage Waterborough John Gabel
March 22, 1798 Nickerson Sarah Marriage Gagetown Richard Grigery noted as the Widow Sarah Nickerson
July 4, 1798 Carsen Elisabeth Marriage Waterborough Thomas Melvin