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Event Date Last Name First Name Sex Event Typesort ascending Location Event Details Other Notes
November 21, 1797 Underhill Thomas Marriage Waterborough Mary Cook/ Cork
October 8, 1798 Cross Mary Marriage Gagetown Andrew Barton
December 13, 1798 Garrison Abijah Marriage Waterborough Frances Maria Lloyd
January 29, 1799 Slip Magdalana Marriage Hamstead Abraham Good
January 20, 1789 Garner Clark Marriage Waterborough, Queen's Co. Ruth Sloakam
January 20, 1789 Sloakam Ruth Marriage Waterborough, Queen's Co. Garner Clark
December 23, 1798 Babbit Elizabeth Marriage Gagetown Samuel Morton
December 13, 1798 Clarke Sarah Marriage Gagetown Benjamin Brown the Widow Sarah Clarke
October 8, 1798 Barton Andrew Marriage Gagetown Mary Cross
February 6, 1799 Belmain Julia Marriage Gagetown John Hanselpacker
February 28, 1799 McKay Margaret Marriage Hemstead David Applebee
February 19, 1799 Titus Jonathan Marriage Waterborough Deborah Springer
February 6, 1799 Hanselpacker John Marriage Gagetown Julia Belmain
September 27, 1798 Newcomb Lydia Marriage Waterborough James Coperthwait
November 16, 1797 Nickerson Charlotte Marriage Waterborough Jacob Tilley
March 22, 1789 Gilbert Peres Marriage Gagetown Or Waterbury Mary Lester
March 22, 1789 Lester Mary Marriage Gagetown Or Waterbury Peres Gilbert
March 14, 1799 Straight William Marriage Gagetown Deborah Lyon
May 25, 1789 Thomas Henry Marriage Wickham Abigail Underhill
May 25, 1789 Underhill Abigail Marriage Wickham Henry Thomas
May 21, 1799 Smart Andrew Marriage Waterborough Phebe Carle
June 27, 1799 Griffen Susannah Marriage Waterborough Johnn Hall
June 23, 1799 Allward Oswell Marriage Gagetown Jerusia Price
May 9, 1799 Newcombe Rebecca Marriage Waterborough Anderson Montrose
March 11, 1799 Birdsell Sarah Marriage Waterborough Nathaniel Vale
October 17, 1799 Lester John Marriage Waterborough Mary Bennison
October 17, 1799 Cowperthwaite Hugh Marriage Waterborough Mary Newcomb
September 11, 1799 Jackson Elisabeth Marriage Gagetown Samuel Moss
July 11, 1799 Miller Andrew Marriage Gagetown Elisabeth Tour
March 11, 1799 Vale Nathaniel Marriage Waterborough Sarah Birdsell
September 20, 1789 Small William Marriage Gagetown Rhody Pool noted the man a Negro the Woman a Molatto
September 20, 1789 Pool Rhody Marriage Gagetown William Small noted the man a Negro the Woman a Molatto
October 25, 1789 Palmer Marcus Marriage Waterborough, Queen's Co. Anne Slocum noted both of Hamstead but was married at Mr. Wiggens in the above Parish
October 25, 1789 Slocum Anne Marriage Waterborough, Queen's Co. Marcus Palmer noted both of Hamstead but was married at Mr. Wiggens in the above Parish
January 21, 1800 Clarke Jabez Marriage Wickham Rebecca Burney
December 19, 1799 Cameron Pamilla Marriage Waterborough Benjamin Titus
December 11, 1799 Weeks Isaac Marriage Waterborough Rebecca Woodworth
December 14, 1789 Hawkshurst Isaac Marriage Gagetown Ellinor Ware
December 14, 1789 Ware Ellinor Marriage Gagetown Isaac Hawkshurst
December 26, 1789 Gunter Andrew Marriage Gagetown Elizabeth Titus
December 26, 1789 Titus Elizabeth Marriage Gagetown Andrew Gunter
March 15, 1800 Pine Elisabeth Marriage Gagetown Joseph Brown
March 1, 1800 Good John Marriage Gagetown Rachel Pennery (Widow)
March 26, 1800 Palmer Phebe Marriage Gagetown Thomas Carle Jr.
July 2, 1800 Gunter Abraham Marriage Waterborough Ann Clark
March 26, 1800 Carle Thomas Jr. Marriage Gagetown Phebe Palmer
February 27, 1800 Oaks Benjamin Marriage Gagetown Mary Jewel
October 17, 1799 Bennison Mary Marriage Waterborough John Lester
March 8, 1799 Williams Mary Marriage Gagetown Abel Hardenbrook
November 16, 1797 Tilley Jacob Marriage Waterborough Charlotte Nickerson