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Format: 2022
Event Date Last Name First Name Sex Event Typesort ascending Location Event Details Other Notes
February 1, 1831 Simson John Marriage Gagetown Martha Kee witnesses: Harry Peters & William F. Bonnell
March 8, 1832 Case George E. Marriage Springfield, K.c. Mary Ann Sharp witnesses: R. Edward L. Thorn & Richard M. Andrews
January 17, 1833 Armstrong David Marriage Gagetown Ann Nichol witnesses: W.F. Bonnell & William Hargrove
December 12, 1833 James Willet Marriage Gagetown Frances Dingee witnesses: J.H. DeVeber & W.F. Bonnell
January 10, 1835 Mott Amos Marriage Wickham Eleonor E. Clarke witnesses: W.F. Bonnell & William Bell Little
September 3, 1835 Linsey James Marriage Gagetown Catharine Nichol witnesses: John Merrithew Burgiss & William Nichol
March 12, 1836 Coy Julia Ann Marriage Gagetown Marcus Palmer witnesses: Patrick Ramsly & Samuel Coy
June 20, 1837 Nilans Jane Marriage Gagetown Henry Bulyea witnesses: William Burns & Samuel Burns
February 7, 1838 Lawson Delilah Marriage Hamstead George William Carpenter witnesses: Alexander McCauslan & Joseph A. Richards
October 14, 1838 Stewart Margaret Marriage Hamstead Daniel Webb witnesses: James Corbett & Joseph Douglas
March 6, 1839 Kerr Helen Marriage Hamstead Jarvis Wilson witnesses: John Simson & Thomas Hamilton
December 19, 1839 Gannee Elizabeth Marriage Gagetown Reubin Williams witnesses: Jospeh Brown & Jeremiah Gaunce
September 24, 1786 Fairchild Elexander Marriage Saint John Ann Seelye
November 5, 1787 Leonard Lucy Marriage Sussex James Codner
October 5, 1788 Appleby Elizabeth Marriage Gagetown William Cameron
December 28, 1788 Parent James Marriage Gagetown Catherine Colwell
September 20, 1789 Small William Marriage Gagetown Rhody Pool noted the man a Negro the Woman a Molatto
February 14, 1791 Golden Fanny Marriage Hamstead Marcus Peters
September 1, 1791 Bent Francis Marriage Waterborough, Grand Lake David Currier
December 11, 1792 Currier Abigail Marriage Gagetown Jarvis Yeoman
November 28, 1793 Bulyea Eleanor Marriage Gagetown Isaac VanWart
May 27, 1794 Holland Joseph Marriage Hamstead Esther Thorn
December 25, 1794 Henry George Marriage Gagetown Susannah Bulyea
April 16, 1795 Thurston Sarah Marriage Waterborough William Springer
July 13, 1795 Blizard James Marriage Gagetown Margaret McAlpine
March 29, 1796 Oltz Martin Marriage Gagetown Elizabeth Estabrooks
November 16, 1797 Nickerson Charlotte Marriage Waterborough Jacob Tilley
February 13, 1798 Dykeman Moses Marriage Gagetown Pheby Currie
November 21, 1798 Scribner Elias Marriage Gagetown Catalina Peck
February 19, 1799 Matt Adam Marriage Gagetown Sarah Beyea
March 8, 1799 Williams Mary Marriage Gagetown Abel Hardenbrook
June 23, 1799 Price Jerusia Marriage Gagetown Oswell Allward
September 11, 1799 Moss Samuel Marriage Gagetown Elisabeth Jackson
December 31, 1799 McDonald John Marriage Wickham Sarah Esten
March 15, 1800 Brown Joseph Marriage Gagetown Elisabeth Pine
February 25, 1801 Nickerson William Marriage Hamstead Mary Lester
March 11, 1802 Nickerson George Marriage Gagetown Ann Smith
October 26, 1802 Mitchel Tabor Marriage Gagetown Zipporah Wordwith (Widow)
March 13, 1803 Gilbert Deborah Marriage Gagetown Samuel Scovil
October 5, 1803 Bulyea John Marriage Gagetown Nancy Hustead
January 9, 1804 Lawson William Marriage Sheffield Olive Briggs
March 20, 1804 Gerow Elizabeth Marriage Hemstead Isaac Golding
January 4, 1805 Thorn Thomas Marriage Gagetown Sarah Titus
July 19, 1805 Briggs William Marriage Hemstead Elizabeth Hargrove
January 18, 1807 Gerow Margaret Marriage Hemstead John Watson Jr.
August 10, 1807 Isabella Marriage Gagetown Lew Lew a black man to Isabella a black widow woman
January 13, 1808 Ellis Francis Marriage Gagetown Hannah Ackerley
August 4, 1808 Nevers Lyddia Marriage Gagetown John Smith married by Judge Peters
November 23, 1808 Gray Sarah Marriage Waterborough John McElpine
February 1, 1810 Corey Thomas Marriage Waterborough Elizabeth Wiggens