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Event Date Last Name First Name Sex Event Typesort ascending Location Event Details Other Notes
January 12, 1809 Dow John Marriage Waterborough Pheby Smith
May 10, 1809 Blakesley Asa Marriage Waterborough Sophia Gunter
February 25, 1809 Merit Hannah Marriage Hemstead John Slip
July 9, 1809 Weston Levi (Dr.) Marriage ? Ann Clarke married by Rev. Mr. Andrews
May 10, 1809 Gunter Sophia Marriage Waterborough Asa Blakesley
February 25, 1809 Slip John Marriage Hemstead Hannah Merit
November 28, 1808 Colwell Eleanor Marriage Wickham Joshua Oakley
September 25, 1809 Worden Sarah Marriage Wickham James Bulyea
September 13, 1809 Riness? Hannah Marriage Waterborough James Sloan
February 13, 1810 Cottle Catharine Marriage Gagetown Augustus Woodwith
February 1, 1810 Wiggens Elizabeth Marriage Waterborough Thomas Corey
August 2, 1795 Leonard Thomas Marriage Hamstead Charlotte Hewlet
August 2, 1795 Hewlet Charlotte Marriage Hamstead Thomas Leonard
March 8, 1810 McDaniel Ann Marriage Wickham John Golding
August 20, 1795 Shelton Elisha Marriage Gagetown Elizabeth Hannah Clarke married by the Reverend Samuel Andres of St. Andrews
August 20, 1795 Clarke Elizabeth Hannah Marriage Gagetown Elisha Shelton married by the Reverend Samuel Andres of St. Andrews
April 17, 1810 Lawson John Marriage Sheffield Elisabeth Briggs
September 9, 1795 Lummereux James Marriage Gagetown Martha Cross
September 9, 1795 Cross Martha Marriage Gagetown James Lummereux
March 8, 1810 Golding John Marriage Wickham Ann McDaniel
February 1, 1810 Corey Thomas Marriage Waterborough Elizabeth Wiggens
September 13, 1809 Sloan James Marriage Waterborough Hannah Riness?
November 28, 1808 Oakley Joshua Marriage Wickham Eleanor Colwell
January 22, 1807 Philips Jemima Marriage Hemstead Jonathan Hartt
August 27, 1810 Duboise James Marriage Elisabeth Wright negro
June 6, 1810 Burlock Elisabeth Marriage Waterborough Abiathar Camp Jr.
February 5, 1811 Ogden William Marriage Hemstead Sarah Cole
January 3, 1811 Perry Daniel Marriage Gagetown Ann Alwood
November 15, 1810 Olmstead Sarah Marriage Waterborough Henry Mills married by Rev. Samuel Clarke
February 26, 1811 Kierstead Samuel Marriage Wickham Eunice Shaler
March 5, 1811 Briggs Mary Marriage Waterborough John Williams
February 28, 1811 Gerow Phebe Marriage Hemstead John Outhouse married by the Rev. Samuel Clarke
February 5, 1811 Cole Sarah Marriage Hemstead William Ogden
November 15, 1810 Mills Henry Marriage Waterborough Sarah Olmstead married by Rev. Samuel Clarke
June 6, 1810 Camp Abiathar Jr. Marriage Waterborough Elisabeth Burlock
March 28, 1811 Cromwell Asa Marriage Gagetown Charlotte Towser married by Rev. Samuel Clarke
April 30, 1811 Smith Deborah Marriage Wickham Isaac Vanwart by Rev. Samuel Clarke
July 2, 1811 Blizard Jane Marriage Waterborough George Ferris
June 26, 1811 Gerow Isaac Marriage Hemstead Lucretia Golden
August 27, 1811 Lun/ Lunt Hannah Marriage Sheffield James Hunter
June 23, 1811 Carle Ann Marriage Waterborough Lewis Heustis by Rev. Samuel Clarke
November 15, 1795 Nickerson Jeremiah Marriage Gagetown Zilpah Strait
November 15, 1795 Strait Zilpah Marriage Gagetown Jeremiah Nickerson
September 3, 1811 Cammeron John Marriage Waterborough Abigail Ackerly
November 23, 1795 Puddington Mary Marriage Waterborough Seth Chase
November 23, 1795 Chase Seth Marriage Waterborough Mary Puddington
April 17, 1810 Briggs Elisabeth Marriage Sheffield John Lawson
January 13, 1796 Estey Nehemiah Brown Marriage Gagetown Polly Ring
January 13, 1796 Ring Polly Marriage Gagetown Nehemiah Brown Estey
January 31, 1796 Gerow Henry Marriage Gagetown Eleanor Ellis