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Event Date Last Name First Name Sex Event Typesort descending Location Event Details Other Notes
May 28, 1794 Belonain Christian Marriage Gagetown Charles McElpin
June 29, 1794 Suiter James Marriage Hamstead Margaret Grant Noted that Margaret Grant is a Widow
June 29, 1794 Grant Margaret Marriage Hamstead James Suiter Noted that Margaret Grant is a Widow
June 25, 1794 VanWart Garret Marriage Gagetown Anna Golden
June 25, 1794 Golden Anna Marriage Gagetown Garret VanWart
July 6, 1794 Lester Elander M. Marriage Hamstead Mary Bishop
July 6, 1794 Bishop Mary Marriage Hamstead Elander M. Lester
July 10, 1794 Dykeman Gilbert Marriage Waterborough Dorcas Manzer
July 10, 1794 Manzer Dorcas Marriage Waterborough Gilbert Dykeman
August 7, 1794 Harper William Marriage Waterborough Abigail Easter Brooks
August 7, 1794 Brooks Abigail Easter Marriage Waterborough William Harper
October 28, 1794 VanWert William Marriage Waterborough Elizabeth Hustead
October 28, 1794 Hustead Elizabeth Marriage Waterborough William VanWert
November 6, 1794 Hathaway Ebenezer Marriage Gagetown Elizabeth Tysdale Note both of Wickham
November 6, 1794 Tysdale Elizabeth Marriage Gagetown Ebenezer Hathaway Note both of Wickham
December 25, 1794 Henry George Marriage Gagetown Susannah Bulyea
December 25, 1794 Bulyea Susannah Marriage Gagetown George Henry
December 25, 1794 Strait Amos Marriage Gagetown Jenny Mott
December 25, 1794 Mott Jenny Marriage Gagetown Amos Strait
December 27, 1794 Titus Silas Marriage Gagetown Rachel Parks
December 27, 1794 Parks Rachel Marriage Gagetown Silas Titus
December 31, 1794 Clarke Joseph Marriage Gagetown Sarah Garrison
December 31, 1794 Garrison Sarah Marriage Gagetown Joseph Clarke
January 1, 1795 Slocum Daniel Marriage Gagetown Hannah Hersey
January 1, 1795 Hersey Hannah Marriage Gagetown Daniel Slocum
January 22, 1795 Yeomans Daniel Marriage Gagetown Sarah Oaks
January 22, 1795 Oaks Sarah Marriage Gagetown Daniel Yeomans
February 5, 1795 Smith John Marriage Gagetown Hannah Babbit
February 5, 1795 Babbit Hannah Marriage Gagetown John Smith
February 19, 1795 Langley John Marriage Gagetown Mary son baptised same day as marriage?
February 19, 1795 Mary Marriage Gagetown John Langley son baptised same day as marriage?
April 16, 1795 Springer William Marriage Waterborough Sarah Thurston
April 16, 1795 Thurston Sarah Marriage Waterborough William Springer
July 13, 1795 Blizard James Marriage Gagetown Margaret McAlpine
July 13, 1795 McAlpine Margaret Marriage Gagetown James Blizard
July 14, 1795 Brown Abraham Marriage Gagetown Ruth Estey
July 14, 1795 Estey Ruth Marriage Gagetown Abraham Brown
July 22, 1795 Currie Gilbert Marriage Waterborough Sarah Oakley
July 22, 1795 Oakley Sarah Marriage Waterborough Gilbert Currie
August 2, 1795 Leonard Thomas Marriage Hamstead Charlotte Hewlet
August 2, 1795 Hewlet Charlotte Marriage Hamstead Thomas Leonard
August 20, 1795 Shelton Elisha Marriage Gagetown Elizabeth Hannah Clarke married by the Reverend Samuel Andres of St. Andrews
August 20, 1795 Clarke Elizabeth Hannah Marriage Gagetown Elisha Shelton married by the Reverend Samuel Andres of St. Andrews
September 9, 1795 Lummereux James Marriage Gagetown Martha Cross
September 9, 1795 Cross Martha Marriage Gagetown James Lummereux
November 15, 1795 Nickerson Jeremiah Marriage Gagetown Zilpah Strait
November 15, 1795 Strait Zilpah Marriage Gagetown Jeremiah Nickerson
November 23, 1795 Puddington Mary Marriage Waterborough Seth Chase
November 23, 1795 Chase Seth Marriage Waterborough Mary Puddington
January 13, 1796 Estey Nehemiah Brown Marriage Gagetown Polly Ring