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Event Date Last Name First Name Sex Event Typesort descending Location Event Details Other Notes
October 7, 1819 Sharp Mary Marriage Waterborough Gidney Hallet
February 5, 1823 Clarke Sarah Marriage Waterborough Richard Dykeman witnesses: Jacob Dykeman & Daniel L. Dykeman
September 24, 1823 Worden Sarah Ann Marriage Greenwich Benjamin Glazier witnesses: John Peters & Thomas Fowler
February 12, 1824 Lester Lois Marriage Hamstead John Snider witnesses: Issac Merritt & Daniel Palmer
July 15, 1824 Green Elizabeth Marriage Wickham Angus Gilchrist witnesses: Willitt Carpenter & Anthony Flower
March 31, 1825 Golding Sarah Marriage Hamstead Scofield Roberts witnesses: Benjamin Appleby & Thomas Roberts
February 16, 1826 Clarke Hester Marriage Wickham John Worden witnesses: Alexander Clarke & William Clarke
March 8, 1827 McGrigor Ann Marriage Hamstead Obediah Messenger witnesses: Benjamin Clarke & Garret Vanwart
October 11, 1827 Ackerley Margaret Marriage Gagetown Ebenezer Lawson witnesses: Valentine H. Peters & James Ackerley
February 14, 1828 Estey Yetty Marriage Burton Daniel Hersey witnesses: Ann Weston & John Currier
December 13, 1828 Cory Hannah Marriage Canning Charles Estabrooks witnesses: Samuel Babbit & Jarvis Estabrooks
November 2, 1829 Golding Charity Marriage Hamstead William Carpenter witnesses: Robert Smith & James Blizard
March 18, 1830 Coy Eliza Marriage Gagetown Israel Parent witnesses: H.F. Bonnel & Samuel Coy
February 8, 1831 Smith Elisabeth Frances Marriage Waterborough Robert McMonagle witnesses: John Dow & Absolam Smith
March 18, 1832 Hollett Clarissa Marriage Waterborough David Babbit witnesses: Richard M. Andrews & John Collin
November 3, 1831 Corey Emily Marriage Wickham William Watson witnesses: Thomas Babbit & Johnathan Watson
July 3, 1834 Furguison Janet Marriage Gagetown Reubin Fox witnesses: J.H. DeVeber & W.F. Bonnell
January 15, 1835 Jones Elizabeth Marriage Hamstead Asa Vincent witnesses: John J. Mays & W.F. Bonnell
September 17, 1835 Curry Frances Marriage Gagetown Gilbert Dykeman witnesses: Thomas Curry & Moses Dykeman
April 4, 1836 Bulyea Rachel Purdy Marriage Gagetown David Burns witnesses: John Glass & Samuel Burns
July 8, 1837 Appleby Ann Marriage Wickham John Clarke witnesses: George McLean & Isaac Clarke
February 20, 1838 Heasty Elisabeth Marriage Gagetown James McCracken witnesses: James Glass & Robert Croyer
October 15, 1838 Burns Jane Marriage Gagetown Samuel Smith witnesses: J.H. Bunnell & James Glass
July 4, 1839 Currier Eliza Jane Marriage Gagetown James Blizard Dingee witnesses: Samuel Woods & James Blizard
February 13, 1840 Ebbet Sarah Anne Marriage Gagetown William Slip witnesses: Robert Slip & George Slip
July 20, 1788 Bird Isaac Marriage Waterborough, Queen's Co. Rachel Brundage
March 22, 1789 Lester Mary Marriage Gagetown Or Waterbury Peres Gilbert
October 25, 1789 Palmer Marcus Marriage Waterborough, Queen's Co. Anne Slocum noted both of Hamstead but was married at Mr. Wiggens in the above Parish
May 17, 1790 Clarke Esther Marriage Gagetown Allen Price
October 14, 1790 Bridgeman William Marriage Gagetown Mary Bullyea
March 17, 1791 McDonald Benjamin Marriage Gagetown Pamilla Smith
June 7, 1792 Oakes James Marriage Gagetown Rachel Holse
August 29, 1792 Currie or Cum Sarah Marriage Gagetown Enoch Greenleaf Lunt
January 17, 1793 Coy Mary Marriage ? David Morris
February 19, 1794 Chase Pheby Marriage Waterborough Samuel Thorn
May 28, 1794 McElpin Charles Marriage Gagetown Christian Belonain
December 25, 1794 Strait Amos Marriage Gagetown Jenny Mott
July 14, 1795 Brown Abraham Marriage Gagetown Ruth Estey
November 23, 1795 Puddington Mary Marriage Waterborough Seth Chase
March 6, 1796 Allward John Marriage Waterborough Abigail Ackerly
April 27, 1797 Akerley Mary Marriage Waterborough Mordecai Starkey
November 21, 1797 Cook/ Cork Mary Marriage Waterborough Thomas Underhill
March 13, 1798 Northrup Gamaliel Marriage Waterborough Jerusia Morrel
June 7, 1798 Coy Ammasa Marriage Waterborough Elisabeth Holly
December 13, 1798 Brown Benjamin Marriage Gagetown Sarah Clarke (Widow)
February 19, 1799 Titus Jonathan Marriage Waterborough Deborah Springer
March 11, 1799 Birdsell Sarah Marriage Waterborough Nathaniel Vale
June 27, 1799 Hall John Marriage Waterborough Susannah Griffen
February 27, 1800 Jewel Mary Marriage Gagetown Benjamin Oaks
February 26, 1801 Coy David Marriage Gagetown Mary Abbot