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Event Date Last Name First Name Sex Event Typesort ascending Location Event Details Other Notes
June 13, 1796 Green Willet Marriage Hemstead Hannah Vincent This couple belonging to Wickham was in Hemstead
October 24, 1796 Arbuckle Samuel Marriage Gagetown Mary Ward
October 12, 1797 Barker Richard Marriage Gagetown Lucy Esty
November 27, 1797 Gilbert Rowland Marriage Waterborough Phebe Bridgeman
March 22, 1798 Moss Esther Marriage Gagetown Daniel McGrigor
October 8, 1798 Barton Andrew Marriage Gagetown Mary Cross
December 13, 1798 Garrison Abijah Marriage Waterborough Frances Maria Lloyd
March 14, 1799 Lyon Deborah Marriage Gagetown William Straight
July 11, 1799 Tour Elisabeth Marriage Gagetown Andrew Miller
March 1, 1800 Pennery Rachel Marriage Gagetown John Good the Widow Rachel Pennery
July 2, 1800 Gunter Abraham Marriage Waterborough Ann Clark
October 20, 1801 Tool Mary Marriage Gagetown Jonathan Ogden Widow
December 29, 1801 O Heron Patrick Marriage Gagetown Dianna/ Dinah Seeds
May 3, 1802 Twaddle Charlotte Marriage Gagetown Peter Appleby
March 1, 1802 Miller Tamer Marriage Waterborough John Coldwell Esq. Widow
January 20, 1803 Coy Benjamin Marriage Gagetown Sarah Cottle
February 4, 1804 Corey Morris Marriage Gagetown Sally Lounsbury
October 25, 1804 Coldwell Ann Marriage Wickham John Robinson Widow
February 14, 1805 Loosey Margaret Marriage Gagetown Norman Harvey
October 17, 1805 Estey Thomas Marriage Gagetown Elizabeth Ring
February 4, 1806 Golding Abraham Marriage Gagetown Leah Vanwart
February 3, 1807 Scribner Elizabeth Marriage Hemstead Daniel Currie
June 25, 1807 Blizard William Marriage Hamstead Margaret Brookhout
February 25, 1808 Umphries Elizabeth Marriage Wickham Coles Green
November 20, 1810 Black George Marriage Gagetown Eleanor Burgis
January 26, 1812 Fowler Mahalah Marriage Wickham John Mullen
March 12, 1812 Mills Catharine Marriage Waterborough Benjamin Hickey
April 7, 1812 Giron Mary Marriage Hamstead Andrew Hutson/ Halson
November 18, 1813 Farrington Frances Marriage Hamstead William Palmer
April 29, 1814 Golding Elisabeth Ann Marriage Wickham James Cosman
October 6, 1814 Vanwart Sarah Marriage Wickham Thomas Peters
January 5, 1815 Wiggens Martha Marriage Waterborough Benjamin Gerow
March 31, 1815 White Vincent Marriage Queen's County Mercy Dykeman
September 23, 1815 Albright Henry Marriage Queen's County Frances Smith
October 31, 1815 Smith William E. Marriage Sunbury Mary/ Mercy Briggs
February 24, 1820 Clarke John Marriage Waterborough Elisabeth Wiggins, widow
September 14, 1820 Salter William Marriage Wickham Rebecca Holder
November 2, 1820 Yeomans Benjamin Marriage Gagetown Mary Cory
October 5, 1821 Craft John Henry Marriage Hamstead Anne Smith witnesses: John Peters & William Peters
February 16, 1822 Weston Samuel Marriage Gagetown Frances Currier shipwright, witnesses: Daniel Oaks & David Currier
August 9, 1822 Ward Amos Marriage Gagetown Margaret Armstrong witnesses: Robert Thomson C.M. & Samuel Purdy
January 5, 1823 Jenking Edward Marriage Waterborough Catharine Stillwell witnesses: William Milroy & David Stilwell
January 4, 1816 Briggs Permasa? Marriage Waterborough Jacob Wiggins in the presence of Joshua Calking
May 23, 1816 Ackerley Salome Marriage Gagetown Samuel Cole
January 11, 1817 Currie Nancy Marriage Waterborough John Gunter
January 8, 1818 Easton Julian Marriage Wickham William Olsmstead
November 5, 1818 Smith Mary Marriage Wickham Jeremiah Vradenburgh
February 9, 1819 Farris Mary Marriage Waterborough George Camp
June 19, 1819 Boies Sarah Hannah Marriage Burton Jacob Allan
November 3, 1819 Carpenter Rebecca Marriage Waterborough Thomas S. Carpenter