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Event Date Last Name First Name Sex Event Typesort descending Location Event Details Other Notes
September 27, 1829 Mahood Eliza Caroline Death Gagetown/ Nerepis buried, age 3 or 30 Daughter of James and Latitia Mahood
January 1, 1831 Ham Gabriel Fowler Death Wickham buried, age 1 &4 mos. son of Thomas Ham
October 18, 1834 Cole Anna Death Gagetown buried wife of Jeremiah cole colored
August 6, 1837 Weston Mahetabell Anne Death Waterborough buried, age 22 died Aug. 3rd
January 2, 1839 Simson Margaret Ann Death Gagetown buried, age 2 months
July 11, 1809 Babbet Obedience Death Gagetown buried dau. Of Daniel & Rhody Babbet
March 1, 1810 Sparks (Mrs.) Death Gagetown buried
March 17, 1811 Andrews Marshall Clarke Death Gagetown buried died in house fire March 13, buried by Rev. Mr. Scovil, grandson Richard Clarke
September 22, 1811 Douglass Ann Garner Death Gagetown buried dau. Of Matthew and Ann Douglass of Hemstead
March 19, 1814 Clarke Magdelane Death Waterborough buried wife of Gershom Clarke
January 27, 1815 Lounsbury (Mrs.) Death Gagetown buried Mrs. John Lounsbery possibly Mr.
May 31, 1817 Nicholas Death Waterborough buried, age 16 late from England
January 1, 1821 Golding John, Esq. Death Hampstead buried
June 21, 1825 Twaddle Emmily Death Hampstead buried, age 14
December 20, 1829 McAllister William Death buried
January 1, 1831 Wetmore Emma Death Gagetown buried, age 24 hours Daughter of Robert Wetmore, Esq.
October 11, 1834 Porter George Death Gagetown buried, age 84 drowned of Sheffield
September 12, 1837 Purdy Ann (Mrs.) Death Gagetown buried, age 42
January 28, 1839 Cory Sarah Death Gagetown buried
October 23, 1797 Thorn Esther Death Gagetown buried baptised three days before, Dar. Of Samuel & Pheby Thorn
July 11, 1809 Babbet William Death Gagetown buried son of Daniel & Rhody Babbet
March 17, 1811 Hubbard Mary Death Gagetown buried died in house fire March 13, buried by Rev. Mr. Scovil, niece Rev. Richard Clarke
June 1, 1812 Scribner Rhoda Cronk Death Gagetown buried dau. Of Ebenezer & Sarah, baptized shortly before
January 1, 1817 Burgis Sarah (Mrs.) Death Gagetown buried
September 28, 1822 Foshay (Mrs.) Death Gagetown buried wife of William Foshay
August 9, 1825 Chase Reubin Death Gagetown buried, age 80
December 20, 1829 Holms Thomas Death Gagetown buried of Bath Province of Maine
January 1, 1832 Cole Lousa Death Gagetown buried Daughter of Jeremiah Cole
December 12, 1834 Potter (Mrs.) Death Hampstead buried, age 65 wife of Stephen Potter
January 1, 1837 Babbit Elkanah Death Gagetown buried
May 3, 1841 Shoemaker James Union Death Gagetown buried, 18 days infant son of Union Shoemaker
June 21, 1795 Hanson Mrs. Death Gagetown buried
May 13, 1798 Strait (Mr.) Death Gagetown buried
January 6, 1802 Smith Catherine Death Gagetown buried wife to Elijah Smith
August 12, 1806 Hewlet Joseph Death Gagetown buried son of Joseph & Clarissa Hewlet
July 25, 1807 Lawson John Death Gagetown buried son of Israel & Diadama Lawson, little Boy
May 29, 1810 Corey John Death Gagetown buried young lad 14 years, drowned
September 26, 1817 Soubrien? Lydia Death Gagetown buried widow
October 22, 1822 Corey Catharine Death Gagetown buried wife of Thomas Corey
January 1, 1825 Babbit Ann Death buried
February 14, 1830 Watson Ann (Mrs.) Death Hampstead buried, age 75
January 1, 1832 Holder M. H Death buried omited?
March 3, 1835 Hewlett Thomas, Jr. Death Hampstead buried, age 2
April 5, 1838 Scribner Ebenzer Death Waterborough buried, age 22
January 19, 1866 Hope Sally Death Gagetown buried, age 90 brought a slave from the United States about 1785 rector James Neales
March 5, 1788 Bissit Roger, Rev. Death Saint John burial
February 20, 1803 Henery (Mrs.) Death Gagetown buried
August 10, 1807 Bell James Death Gagetown buried of Waterborough, Grand Lake
November 10, 1808 Dykeman Eunice Death Gagetown buried
June 20, 1813 Dykeman Garret Death Gagetown buried by S. Scovil, Esq.