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Event Date Last Name First Name Sex Event Typesort descending Location Event Details Other Notes
November 20, 1810 Burgis Eleanor Marriage Gagetown George Black
January 3, 1811 Perry Daniel Marriage Gagetown Ann Alwood
January 3, 1811 Alwood Ann Marriage Gagetown Daniel Perry
February 5, 1811 Ogden William Marriage Hemstead Sarah Cole
February 5, 1811 Cole Sarah Marriage Hemstead William Ogden
February 26, 1811 Kierstead Samuel Marriage Wickham Eunice Shaler
February 26, 1811 Shaler Eunice Marriage Wickham Samuel Kierstead
February 28, 1811 Outhouse John Marriage Hemstead Phebe Gerow married by the Rev. Samuel Clarke
February 28, 1811 Gerow Phebe Marriage Hemstead John Outhouse married by the Rev. Samuel Clarke
March 5, 1811 Williams John Marriage Waterborough Mary Briggs
March 5, 1811 Briggs Mary Marriage Waterborough John Williams
March 20, 1811 Cammeron James Marriage Wickham Mary Maxen/ Masen married by Rev. Samuel Clarke
March 20, 1811 Maxen/ Masen Mary Marriage Wickham James Cammeron married by Rev. Samuel Clarke
March 28, 1811 Cromwell Asa Marriage Gagetown Charlotte Towser married by Rev. Samuel Clarke
March 28, 1811 Towser Charlotte Marriage Gagetown Asa Cromwell married by Rev. Samuel Clarke
April 30, 1811 Vanwart Isaac Marriage Wickham Deborah Smith by Rev. Samuel Clarke
April 30, 1811 Smith Deborah Marriage Wickham Isaac Vanwart by Rev. Samuel Clarke
June 23, 1811 Heustis Lewis Marriage Waterborough Ann Carle by Rev. Samuel Clarke
June 23, 1811 Carle Ann Marriage Waterborough Lewis Heustis by Rev. Samuel Clarke
June 26, 1811 Gerow Isaac Marriage Hemstead Lucretia Golden
June 26, 1811 Golden Lucretia Marriage Hemstead Isaac Gerow
July 2, 1811 Ferris George Marriage Waterborough Jane Blizard
July 2, 1811 Blizard Jane Marriage Waterborough George Ferris
August 27, 1811 Hunter James Marriage Sheffield Hannah Lun/ Lunt
August 27, 1811 Lun/ Lunt Hannah Marriage Sheffield James Hunter
September 3, 1811 Cammeron John Marriage Waterborough Abigail Ackerly
September 3, 1811 Ackerly Abigail Marriage Waterborough John Cammeron
September 26, 1811 Scribner Ebenezer Marriage Gagetown Sarah Dingee
September 26, 1811 Dingee Sarah Marriage Gagetown Ebenzer Scribner
November 14, 1811 Thorn Michael Marriage Wickham Rebecca Worden
November 14, 1811 Worden Rebecca Marriage Wickham Michael Thorn
November 19, 1811 Griffin Thomas Marriage Hamstead Arnia Akerley
November 19, 1811 Akerley Arnia Marriage Hamstead Thomas Griffen
January 9, 1812 Paterson Peter Marriage Hemstead Sarah Black
January 9, 1812 Sarah Black Marriage Hemstead Peter Paterson
January 26, 1812 Mullen John Marriage Wickham Mahalah Fowler
January 26, 1812 Fowler Mahalah Marriage Wickham John Mullen
February 4, 1812 Branscom William Marriage Wickham Hannah Wiggens
February 4, 1812 Wiggens Hannah Marriage Wickham William Branscom
February 10, 1812 Gove Jeremiah Marriage Wickham Elisabeth Tilly
February 10, 1812 Tilly Elisabeth Marriage Wickham Jeremiah Gove
February 25, 1812 Foster Stephen Marriage Wickham Catharine Evens
February 25, 1812 Evens Catharine Marriage Wickham Stephen Foster
March 8, 1812 Dingee Robert Marriage Gagetown Margaret Blizard
March 8, 1812 Blizard Margaret Marriage Gagetown Robert Dingee
March 10, 1812 Cristy James Marriage Gagetown Mary Brill
March 10, 1812 Brill Mary Marriage Gagetown James Cristy
March 12, 1812 Gidney Joseph Marriage Gagetown Sarah Foshay
March 12, 1812 Foshay Sarah Marriage Gagetown Joseph Gidney
March 12, 1812 Hickey Benjamin Marriage Waterborough Catharine Mills