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Event Date Last Name First Name Sex Event Typesort ascending Location Event Details Other Notes
October 12, 1826 Delong Mary Marriage Hamstead John Davis witnesses: Hugh Davis & Jessee London
March 15, 1827 Creighton Phebe Marriage Gagetown Samuel Babbit witnesses: Isaac H. DeVeber & Elkanah Babbit
October 4, 1827 Day Ann Marriage Wickham Benjamin J. Underhill witnesses: Samuel L. Peters & Isaac Meritt
March 13, 1828 Case Robie Marriage Wickham Joseph Gilis witnesses: Thomas Brown & Timothy Carpenter
December 13, 1828 Armstrong Margaret Marriage Gagetown William Jones witnesses: W. Henry Lyon & Thomas Morrison
December 9, 1829 Morrison Mary Marriage Hamstead Dennis Coyle witnesses: John Ogden & W.F. Bonnell
May 27, 1830 Blizard Philip H. Marriage Gagetown Mary Knox witnesses: Alexander Thomson & Thomas Babbit
August 7, 1831 Gorden Nelson Marriage Gagetown Elisabeth Burpy, widow witnesses: Willam F. Bonnell & G.R. Jarvis
May 19, 1832 Pennery William Marriage Hamstead Priscilla Brown witnesses: James Brown & John Gaunce
May 13, 1833 Burns Michael Marriage Gagetown Mary Anne Tilley witnesses: Isaac H. DeVeber & D.C. Thomson
October 22, 1834 Chase George Marriage Wickham Elisabeth White witnesses: W. Bell Little & William Z. White
March 5, 1835 Slip Leonard Marriage Waterborough Mary Merritt witnesses: Robert Slip & Gilbert Merritt
October 15, 1835 Carpenter Coles Marriage Wickham Sarah Eliza Robertson witnesses: Samuel Babbit & George W. Carpenter
November 18, 1836 McAllister Archebald Marriage Wickham Mary Hamilton witnesses: T. Roberts Wetmore & John Simson
October 2, 1837 Kierstead Gilbert Lester Marriage Sussex Amelia Nickerson witnesses: James Polly & William Nickerson
March 27, 1838 Vail Benjamin B. Marriage Gagetown Emily Broad witnesses: Silas L. Marvin & James A. Bulyea
January 15, 1839 Mott Joseph B. Marriage Wickham Susan Ackerly witnesses: Obediah Ackerley & William Hendry
August 9, 1839 Wilson Francis E. Marriage Johnston Elisabeth Ann Black witnesses: Amos Coy & Henry Ackerly
July 20, 1788 Birdsell Elizabeth Marriage Waterborough, Queen's Co. Coles Carpenter
October 14, 1788 Coswell Mariam Marriage Gagetown Edmund Dwyer
May 25, 1789 Underhill Abigail Marriage Wickham Henry Thomas
October 25, 1790 Day Henry Marriage Gagetown Catherine Compton
October 10, 1791 Allwood Benjamin Marriage Waterborough, Grand Lake Hannah Wright
February 26, 1792 Gravity Sarah Marriage Wickham Joshua Fowler
June 14, 1792 Clarke Elisabeth Marriage Gagetown Benjamin Titus
March 26, 1794 Cory Griffen Marriage Gagetown Margaret Knox
June 29, 1794 Grant Margaret Marriage Hamstead James Suiter Noted that Margaret Grant is a Widow
December 27, 1794 Titus Silas Marriage Gagetown Rachel Parks
July 22, 1795 Currie Gilbert Marriage Waterborough Sarah Oakley
January 13, 1796 Estey Nehemiah Brown Marriage Gagetown Polly Ring
June 13, 1796 Green Willet Marriage Hemstead Hannah Vincent This couple belonging to Wickham was in Hemstead
October 24, 1796 Arbuckle Samuel Marriage Gagetown Mary Ward
October 12, 1797 Barker Richard Marriage Gagetown Lucy Esty
November 27, 1797 Gilbert Rowland Marriage Waterborough Phebe Bridgeman
March 22, 1798 Moss Esther Marriage Gagetown Daniel McGrigor
October 8, 1798 Barton Andrew Marriage Gagetown Mary Cross
December 13, 1798 Garrison Abijah Marriage Waterborough Frances Maria Lloyd
March 14, 1799 Lyon Deborah Marriage Gagetown William Straight
July 11, 1799 Tour Elisabeth Marriage Gagetown Andrew Miller
March 1, 1800 Pennery Rachel Marriage Gagetown John Good the Widow Rachel Pennery
July 2, 1800 Gunter Abraham Marriage Waterborough Ann Clark
October 20, 1801 Tool Mary Marriage Gagetown Jonathan Ogden Widow
December 29, 1801 O Heron Patrick Marriage Gagetown Dianna/ Dinah Seeds
May 3, 1802 Twaddle Charlotte Marriage Gagetown Peter Appleby
March 1, 1802 Miller Tamer Marriage Waterborough John Coldwell Esq. Widow
January 20, 1803 Coy Benjamin Marriage Gagetown Sarah Cottle
February 4, 1804 Corey Morris Marriage Gagetown Sally Lounsbury
October 25, 1804 Coldwell Ann Marriage Wickham John Robinson Widow
February 14, 1805 Loosey Margaret Marriage Gagetown Norman Harvey
October 17, 1805 Estey Thomas Marriage Gagetown Elizabeth Ring